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A complete Process

A complete process with user guides, and access to 70+ tools and exercises to improve soft-skills.


The process, suggested tools and exercises can be used as part of a project, or as a stand-alone exercises.

Free to use

When the process is ready and has undergone initial tests it will be publicly available for everyone to use.

VAKEN comes from Old Norde or old Scandinavian, Vakiin.

VAKEN {adj.} awake, alert and mindful VAKEN {noun} A hole made in ice prepared for a refreshing dip in icy water.
An experience that leaves you feeling fantastic and refreshed.

We have developed a process for real life projects where your students train their soft skills as well as they solve challenges from a company. The level of involvement from you  depends on at what academic level your students are. More than 70+ tools have been elected to train the students in four main soft skills: complex problem solving, critical thinking, creativity and personal leadership. The tools have been elected to ensure a pedagogical approach for a high learning outcome.

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Your future requires you to have strong soft skills capabilities. With the VAKEN process and framework you train the four main soft skills: complex problem solving, critical thinking, creativity and personal leadership through exercises while you are solving a challenging problem for a company. You will be able to follow your development through self-assessment, and reflection during the process. You will learn how to solve challenging problems companies face, as well as work on soft skills the future labour market requires. The VAKEN toolkit will help you facilitate this learning. 

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Having success in the future market, demands strong soft skills of your employees. Being a part of this learning process for students, you will have an opportunity to help students train their soft skills while they are solving one of your business problems. The overall four soft skills students will work with are: complex problem solving, critical thinking, creativity and personal leadership. These four skills will ensure that the students can accommodate the requirements of the future world of work. Working with your business problem the student develops the soft-skills through the VAKEN process. 

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The VAKEN team is working on the VAKEN process and preparing the VAKEN toolkit.  
We will soon take it for a first round of tests.

VAKEN Partners

VAKEN is a non-profit network that consist of seven core partners in the Nordic and Baltic region.We have a long history of successful collaboration and are committed to creating a concept where students can train key competences in soft-skills.